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Monday, May 23, 2011

Central US Championships - Post Show Wrap Up

I am home from Kansas City and my head is spinning. I want to start off by saying I think the WBFF is one of the greatest organizations that I have ever had the pleasure of associating myself with and I want to thank Allison and Paul Dillett for taking a risk on all of us. The WBFF Central US Championships were held at the AMC Midland Theater in Kansas City with 200-300 amazing competitors. Every single competitor brought their A Game and then some. I have never seen so many sexy, fit and amazing people in a show in my life. OK, so I guess you're wondering how it went. I competed in Diva Fitness Model Tall and Masters. I placed 5th in Tall and 3rd in Masters; but there is a major surprise. The girls that placed 1st and 2nd in front of me won short and tall; and with one more pro card up for grabs for the night they awarded it to me. Let me tell you how it went. They called out the top 5 and I was called out. Then they called forward the top 3 and it was Micki, Gretchen and Me and they awarded me 3rd place. I knew at that moment I was headed to Boston in June in order to compete for my pro card one last time before World Championships. Then they awarded Micky with 2nd and Gretchen with 1st, and I was about to walk off stage when the announcer told me to stop. He announced, Gretchen you won your pro card for short and Micky you won your pro card for tall, and these 3 final scores are almost too close to count; so we have one more pro card up for grabs. My heart stopped. I looked at Gretchen and Micky; and then he said so how about we give this pro card to Sharon Polsky, our newest Diva Fitness Model Pro. My eyes instantly welled up with tears as Lindsay Messina and Chaddy Dunmore walked up to me with my pro card. Not only was I winning my pro card but 2 of my idols were handing it to me. I was joining the ranks of the WBFF Elite and I can't imagine getting it any other way. I am so honored and blessed to join the ranks of the WBFF elite as their newest Pro. Thank you WBFF for embracing me and taking me into your family. My world is spinning right now and I am just holding onto my chair and enjoying the ride.

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