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Friday, May 6, 2011

Central US Championships - 2 weeks out

 I want to start off my blog today by saying I really really love competing. It has less to do with standing on stage and more to do with my fellow competitors. These last 3 weeks have really shown me how special the women in this sport really are. They have reached out to me (a virtual stranger to them) to show their support and appreciation. Thank you ladies.

Tomorrow is 2 weeks until  the WBFF Central US Championships in Kansas City. It is so close I can taste it.

The subject of today's blog is Day of Show. I started a competitor corner on my website SharonPolsky.com and here is an excerpt. These are the pointers I figured out along the way and I want to share these with all of you.

Remember the way we look on stage has everything to do with our success. Show Prep and Day of Show work synergistically. Think of it this way. When you are competing you are like an amazing sundae. The Show Prep is the icecream and the chocolate syrup; and the Day of show is the whipped cream and the cherry. Without both the sundae is good but not amazing. The sundae needs the finishing touches. I am going to provide you with some tips here. I am not only going to give you the whipped cream and cherry; this cherry is going to even have the stem.

Hair For Stage
I feel like this is where it all begins. I received the worse advice about hair for many years. I was told that I needed to grow it long and where it curly and it never worked for me. I just don't have that kind of hair. Sexy comes in all shapes and textures. You need to find your sexy YOU!!! Then you need to embrace that. Do not try to be something that you are not. What is most important here is that your look is clean, sexy and put together. I can not emphasize this more.
Makeup For Stage
The next step for stage is your makeup. This is where so many girls go wrong. Stage lights are very unforgiving. Many girls try to go for dark and sultry but unfortunately it makes your eyes look like black holes if you go there. Go for bright, fresh and young with some sexy eyelashes and for goodness sake please do not match your eye shadow and your suit color. The next really difficult thing is to blend your face to your body. Be careful using face powder. I do not use it at all. I also mix a little touch of tanner into my foundation to lift my face to a shade comparable to my body.  If you have a lean face do not wear blush it will make you look gaunt. Make sure you don't forget to fill in your eyebrows, they frame the face and you will look like an alien without them. Last but certainly not least lips need to be bright and fresh but I am not a fan of red lipstick. It is just too harsh.
Tanning For Stage
One word of advice....airbrush tanning. If you are going to a reputable show put on by a reputable promoter just use whoever the spray tanning person is that they provide. If you are worried about the quality remember that the majority of the competitors will be using this person so you will all look the same and it really does make it easy. Once you get tanned stay away from water, sinks and toilets are not your friend. Here is my secret I pee into a cup. I know kind of gross but I have learned my lesson with tanning.
Every federation has a different look that wins. I strongly suggest you look at the girls winning in those federations and get suits similar to those suits. Local shows are not what you need to be looking at. National caliber shows and pro shows is what to look for. Remember a local show is providing you with the experience to take you to the big leagues. If you wanna compete big league then you have to look big league. There is no right or wrong answer here and it doesn't have to be terribly expensive. Word of advice is match style to past winners but not colors. Don't be afraid to wear a color that stands out but still looks good on your skin when it is very very tan. Find a suit that you love on another competitor, find out who made it and go to their site. Maybe it seams like common sense but It's not for everybody.
This is where you get to have fun and the part of competing I love the most. I find that the 3 mistakes that girls make here are 1. Not a Clear Theme 2. Way Too Sexy/Trashy 3. Way Too Over the Top.
1. Pick a Theme...Make it a very very clear theme. For instance if I think of Tennis I think of Wimbledon which is known for all white uniforms. So, if I'm going to do Tennis I am going to do all white. Also, you want to bling it up. Bust out the bedazzler.
2. Sexy or is it Trashy...There is a fine line between sexy and trashy. Remember there are women on the judging panel and you do not want to alienate them. They can appreciate sexy but trashy just doesn't fly.
3. Keep it Simple...I find that girls are trying to stand out on stage and they are picking outfits that are way too over the top. The theme needs to be recognizable by both Men and Women. Remember there are men on the judging panel and if they can't relate to your theme you start at a disadvantage.
Yes you want to wear clear plastic stripper shoes but these are not all created equal. Whatever you get you will learn to walk in but I find that most girls go too conservative or way to sexy with these. What I mean by too conservative is that the shoe is either too small or to bulky. They do this because they think it will be easier to walk in. That is not the case bulky shoes are heavy and drag you down while you are walking and shoes that are too small make your legs look squaty. On the flipside wearing 8 inch platforms are not going to give you the long legs that you think they are. Keep it simple. You want a plane clear shoe with a pretty shape. If you need a strap with a buckle that is fine too not to worry. If you are very comfortable in your shoes then you do not have to change them for your theme rounds or your evening gown rounds.
This again is federation specific and you want to look at what the winners are wearing. You can never go wrong with rhinestones for any federation but feel free to bling it up more if that is what the federation is looking for. Wear earrings, bracelets and 1 ring. Never wear a necklace it will change your lines. 
No red, I feel the same way about red nail polish that I do about red lipstick; it is just too harsh. You wanna go french here. There is a great product called Shillac that is a no chip cured polish product. Once you go Shillac you will never go back. I literally can have a french pedicure that will last 6 weeks.

For more information from my competitor corner visit sharonpolsky.com


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