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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Central US Championships - Final Week

This Friday I will step off of a plane in Kansas City and the whirlwind will start. Every time I compete it feel like a non stop train headed for the train station and I love every minute of it. My weekend starts with a car ride from my amazing brother to the airport, a plane trip to Kansas City, a shuttle ride to the host hotel, registration and the competitor meeting at the host hotel, early bedtime and early to rise, tanning face, hair, makeup, a trip to the venue and then let the games begin. I truly love every minute of this sport and this competition will be one of the most special I have ever competed in. Because of facebook I have had the honor to meet so many of the amazing women that I am going to compete with long before I ever arrive. These ladies are strong, passionate, beautiful, ambitious, and motivated; and I can't wait to share the stage with all of these amazing women. Watch out Kansas City a tornado is headed your way and they are the women of the WBFF.


  1. Sharon, It's going to be an honor to share my first time competiting with you! You're right. A storm is brewing and headed for Kansas City and It will NEVER be the same. Thank you again, for sharing all of your tips and experience with those of us who are a novice to the sport.

  2. Ohhhhh, girl, I got goose bumps reading this post!! Travel safe! This weekend is going to be fun, fun, fun! Looking forward to meeting you Friday night!