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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Competition Secret Weapon #10

So this is a very delicate conversation specifically for the ladies. I have been competing for well over 5 years. Since the beginning I have gotten terrible yeast infections every single show. I first thought it was from the diet, but that has changed throughout the year. Then I thought it was from the water loading, but I don't always do that. Then I thought it was from the sodium loading, but I don't always do that. I finally figured it out 2 years ago it is from the overspray from the tanning products. So I started wearing an itty bitty tiny g string when I tanned and they went away but I don't want any lines or anything. Then I started the research process and tried/researched 10 different tanning products. Same thing happens with all of them. Then I got this bright idea...Panty Liners. Hallelujah. I take a panty liner that is intended for thong panties. I face it sticky side toward me and stick it on to me. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Now I use pantzies....


  1. Brilliant! Great trick of the trade! I need these kinds of things! :)

  2. This is for the ladies, it is a wonderful secret weapon, right?